Charts & Publications

We are the first company in Egypt which stocks admiralty charts that updated with the latest information which is one of our main tasks.

Folio Management Services
Swan Supplier Group , keeps in stock a full, Mediterranean and Red sea chart coverage including Nautical Publications and a wide range of other publications by various nautical publishers.

The Company has been fully computerized since establishment and offers a comprehensive management service to customers. This ensures that the charts and nautical publications on board their vessels whether paper or in electronic format, are kept up to date, thereby aiding safe navigation.

Compilation of Ship's Indexes
We offer expert advice to Ship Owners and Managers on compiling a Ship Index of charts and nautical publications. The Company has developed its own specialized indexes which can be customized to suit the Ship's trading requirements.

New Edition Service
Our new edition service ensures the regular and automatic supply of new editions of those charts and publications contained in the Ship's Index. This service guarantees that the latest editions of charts and publications are carried on board in accordance with the SOLAS requirements.
Dispatch of supplies to any port in the world can be arranged at short notice and at very competitive rates.

Weekly Notices to Mariners and Chart Correction Tracings
We supply weekly BA Notices to Mariners together with Chart Correction Tracings to our worldwide customer base and if required US Notices to Mariners and Chart Correction tracings can also be supplied. We can also offer the Chart Co system that includes the weekly transmission of digital notices to mariners and tracings by satellite broadcast.

Weekly Chart Correction Lists
For ships using our new edition service, a weekly computer generated chart correction list is also available which identifies those corrections in the week's Notice to Mariners that apply to charts contained in Ship's Index. Navigators find that this service saves significant amounts of time.