Technical, safety and Electrical equipment and support services:

Our company provides technical and safety support services and can supply vessels with the latest approved safety equipment and machinery. Also, our company can organize and co - ordinate repairs, ranging from electrical motor rewinding, turbochargers, main and auxiliary engine, re- conditioning service of pumps, lifeboats repairs and repairs in radio room. Our technical and safety support services include servicing of life rafts, fire extinguishers. We organize also under water survey, cleaning, propeller polishing, under water repair and welding.

Life Rafts and Life Boats
Life Jackets/Lifebuoys
Lifeboat/Life raft Accessories
IMO Symbols/Safety Signs
Breathing Apparatus
Air Compressors
Gas Detectors
Safety Lights/Signal Lamps
Fire Hose/Fire Hose Couplings
Fire Fighting Equipment
Chemical Suits
Gas Protection Suits
Fire Extinguishers
Smoke Detector Testers
Safety Belts
Safety Masks/Respirators
Goggles/Ear Muffs/Helmets
Work Vests/Arm Bands
Safety Tapes
Alcohol Checkers
Lighting Fixtures
Cargo Lights
Hand Lamps
Warning Lights
Carbon Brushes
Cable Accessories
Electrical Insulation Materials
Megaphones/Loud Speakers
Jet Chisels
Winches/Air Motors
Neoprene Rubber Buckets
Sand Blasters
Tank Cleaning Machines
Vacuum Cleaners
High Pressure Cleaners